Too many consultants and service providers get lost and confused about marketing.

We created Lantern to help our clients simplify their marketing and grow their business. No more confusion and no more noise.

Lantern is a marketing agency located in Indianapolis, Indiana specializing in StoryBrand marketing, website design, copywriting, and sales assets that help you win more business.


At Lantern, we believe many companies are held back because their brand lacks focus and doesn’t attract the right customers. 

But when your company and brand focuses on a specific outcome, it makes your customers more successful. You cut through the noise and your impact immediately increases. We provide branding and marketing because your customers deserve to know the results you can deliver. 

Get the clarity and confidence to build your brand, increase your sales, and multiply your impact.

What we love to do


Get a full design package that expresses the heartbeat of your business.



We create everything from instantly effective turn-key websites to custom-built sites designed around your goals.


Grow on auto-pilot with our proven marketing and content strategy.


Our team


Founder, StoryBrand Certified Guide

People love stories. They connect and inspire us. After 8 years as a communications and youth pastor, Josh joined a local marketing agency and worked with hundreds of clients over the past 10 years. He saw the same challenge over and over: Professionals spend all day serving clients, leaving little time and energy to improve sales and marketing.

Josh founded Lantern to help experts find a better way to market and share your expertise through simple and clear stories.


Content Director

Maddy helps our clients share their expertise through clean, professional and innovative content that piques people’s interest and commands credibility.

She’ll work with you on your message and visual brand to expose the heartbeat of your business. If she had a mantra it would be, “Match your message to your audience and polish it until it shines.”



Grace uses copy and content to clearly communicate your brand to the world. By infusing your unique voices into her copy, she creates content that sounds like you, on your best day.

When she isn’t writing, Grace helps our clients measure, track, and analyze their marketing data. A tracked number grows!


Director of Operations and Client Services


Marketing Manager