DeVries Design and Landscape

Bring your backyard to life.

DeVries Design and Landscape is on a mission to create beautiful backyards where more people can spend time outdoors with friends and family. The company designs and builds custom outdoor spaces for families in central Indiana.

The DeVries team has seen a marked increase in new customers since we began working with them to improve their marketing in early 2020. We can’t take all the credit for their success, but their upgraded customer experience is definitely making a difference.

The company is already booked out through next summer and has had to expand its build crews to meet the increased demand. But the biggest difference has been in the quality of leads. New contacts are better prepared for their consultation and more qualified to buy a design.

We redesigned the DeVries website with simpler messaging and clear calls to action.

Then, we created a series of lead magnets and sales funnels to help educate potential customers.

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We’ve also helped with proposals, social media marketing and other sales assets.

From the client:

“My schedule is booked pretty solid with new leads for the next 3 weeks. We’ve got like 10-12 new appts on the books! … I just met with a potential new client today, and she said she loved our website. It’s clear and easy to navigate.”

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