How a StoryBrand Lead Generator Got Our Client Unstuck

Learn how we helped a client reach more customers. 

Have you heard about lead generators, also known as lead gens? If you haven’t, you need to get to know what they are and how they work.

A lead gen is part of the sales funnel, and it is a critical part of your success. Every business needs one to generate the leads that eventually get the sales you want.

The best lead gen is one you can create and leave there for people to download at their leisure. It’s like marketing on autopilot. If you’ve ever seen quizzes, how-to guides, online classes, or a webinar that you can get for free if you submit your email address—those are lead generators.

When asked what makes a lead gen so great, Certified StoryBrand Guide, Josh Bremmer, states…

“First off, it solves a problem for me, [as a customer], right? It gets something out of the way, gets questions or confusion or fears out of the way for me. And that would immediately allow me to start trusting [the business] as my guide because they’re telling me what to do. And they’re giving me value.”

Why Is a Lead Gen Important?

Why Is a Lead Gen Important?

If people don’t know you exist, you’ll never get the sales you want. Your revenue will rely on the possibility of customers finding you. You’ll suffer from a lack of growth and never maximize your revenue. That’s what lead generators can do for you—provide leads and help you grow.

Lead generators are the best way to build your email list and stay connected to your customers. Sending out periodic emails makes it possible to build loyalty and value for your customers because you’re continuously communicating with them. Lead gens build visibility, increase credibility, and create interest from the people you want to reach.

A promising lead gen can also solve your customer’s problem, all without sending in any money. People like free things, and most are willing to trade an email address for what you’re offering if it’s valuable to them. Using one correctly can also help you expand your market and improve your social proof as others jump on board to testify about your unique offerings.

Josh mentions on the Marketing Made Simple podcast that you should “Use the lead generator to qualify your audience, so you’re attracting the right ones and repelling the ones that are going to be a waste of time and money for everybody.”

How to Make a Lead Gen That Works

How to Make a Lead General That Works

Marketers and businesses want to make a lead generator that works, but there are a few things to remember, so they give you the leads you want. Your efforts need to go beyond personalizing and tracking performance because you’re simply wasting your time and efforts without an effective lead gen.

Here’s a quick checklist to measure up your lead generator against to see if it’s up to par.

Position Yourself as a Guide

Remember, your customer is the hero, and you’re the guide. It’s not your job to be the hero or the savior. You want to make sure you provide a potential solution, but from a helpful perspective. Your customers will appreciate that approach, and it applies to any format, from social media posts to IG reels and TikTok videos.

Stake Claim to Your Territory

Staking claim to your territory is essential. This is the time when you make sure you express why you’re different from everyone else. What makes you the best choice for your potential customers? Spell it out for your customers, but don’t be patronizing. Be informative and speak to them on their level so that what you’re sharing resonates with your customers.

Qualify Your Audience

To know how to talk to your audience, you have to qualify your audience. Qualifying your audience means defining who they are, the way they behave, and looking at your business from their viewpoint. Once you’re actively reaching qualified people, your leads are that much better for you and your business.

Create Trust by Solving a Problem

People want to know you relate to them, so if you recognize and solve a problem they have, they will begin to trust you. Building trust means you’ve listened to them and they feel heard. Trust is the first step to becoming a loyal customer, which is ultimately what you want.

Create Reciprocity

Every person that visits your site who may be interested in what you have to offer has to feel like what they’re getting is worth their while. There has to be this give-and-take feel when they give you their email address, and you give them something in return.

Have an Interesting Title

Remember, if your content isn’t converting, it’s probably because you’re missing the mark on your site. The title of the lead generator needs to hook your client—it needs to be engaging. Titles have to have to appeal to your clients. They also need to clue in your visitors as to what they can expect to see when they download your guide or take your quiz.

Narrow Your Leads With a Good Lead Gen

How to Make a Lead General That Works

The best lead generator should narrow your leads in the best way possible—people who are likely to purchase your product or service. You’d be surprised to know that going this route doesn’t necessarily mean MORE people—it means more QUALITY people. These are the people that WILL convert to sales and potentially become long-time customers.

According to J.J., “A lot of people think, I need to get more people into conversations. But by getting less people into the conversation, they’re actually making more money. They’re actually able to get more clients because they’re targeting the right audience. That is the thing lead generators can do: qualify your audience and get the right people in the door. So you’re not wasting time with conversation, and you’re not spending half a day going to somebody’s yard that will never hire you.”

If you need help creating a lead generator that works, schedule a call with us at Lantern Marketing. We can help you get the ball rolling.