The Core Message Workshop

Craft a compelling story for your brand, product or service.

Align Your Team

Inspire Customers

Launch New Products

Your story is the foundation for sales and marketing.


Your Title Goes Here

Complicated products and services confuse customers.


Your Title Goes Here

Customers choose competitors who they can understand.


Your Title Goes Here

You need a clear message to break through the noise.

Are you getting
tuned out and ignored

Customers are exposed to 10,000 messages every single day. We’ve become experts at tuning out the noise.

Welcome to the attention economy – where if you confuse, you lose.

Meet our founder and workshop facilitator.

Hi, I’m Josh Brammer. After 15 years managing 3 marketing agencies and a software startup, I understand how much growing your business can feel like an uphill battle. My mission is to help businesses like yours solve the marketing and communication problems that hold them back.

I’ve helped 300+ businesses develop a marketing and copywriting that save time and get results

Book a workshop today and I’ll help guide you to create a message and a story to build a stronger business.

The best story wins.

Craft your brand or product story in an interactive, one-day workshop.

Walk away with the strategy and words you need for a clear website, videos, collateral, email, and slide deck to inspire your audience to listen and take action.


Step One

Talk with Josh over Zoom to discuss your goals.

Step Two

You and your team will be expertly guided through the Core Message Workshop.

Step Three

Use your new message to break through the noise and build a stronger brand.


Need to move fast? Don’t go alone.

The core message workshop will help you quickly implement new marketing strategies and a message that connects.

Don’t let your business stall for another day. Get a clear marketing message, a simple plan and strategies that work.