Eternity and love-falling

Humans have a hard time with Eternity. We simply don’t get it!

All aspects of our life have a specific time-based perspective. Our dinner-table discussion is based on things that have happened (The past) or our plans of what will happen (The Future).

I wonder if falling in love is the best example I’ve experienced of Eternity. There is a moment in the love-falling process where you loose track of time. You become absorbed in the moment – absorbed in the presence of the person you can’t stop thinking about. (Not the endless longing periods when you are apart!).

People who love their jobs experience this as well. When you are working in your strengths, its easy to lose track of time. Your brain can focus on doing, not thinking. The artist arts. The designer designs. The gardener weeds.

You find “The Zone” and loose traction with the clock and time simply doesn’t enter the picture.

I hope eternity is like this. Not something extremely LONG, but rather a continued feeling of Now.