Productivity 101: It's All In Your Head

Do you feel stressed-out? Too much to do? How could you get it all done?

This primer course is the first in a series about productivity. Learn how to reduce stress, improve focus and maker smarter decisions about your work by understanding the psychology of productivity and why it’s a bad idea to keep it all “In Your Head.”

Anyone from Interns, Managers, and Executives can benefit from learning how to harness their mental energy, getting more results out of your work.

  • The key change that will unlock mental energy for any project
  • Learn why you stress yourself out everyday with not understanding the difference between “Doing” and “Thinking”
  • Reduce stress by making better to-do lists and get it out of your head.
  • Use the 2 Minute Rule to get better results
  • How to think about email
  • The best way to make a to-do list
  • How to make every meeting more productive & focused