The Desire to Always Have More

Article by: Healing Key Wellness Center

Lately with moving, shifting and re-organizing things at work and at home several days cleaning, sorting, donating, recycling, and, when necessary, discarding a ridiculous amount of material goods. I noticed that despite my sincerest efforts to be a minimalist, it’s still surprising how much stuff I had to deal with. Why do we seem to accumulate so much that isn’t necessary?

From a recent entry from Yoga Journal I learned that this behavior can be desire. In Buddhist teachings, the metaphor for this condition is the Hungry Ghost. No matter how much we have, we always seem driven to want more—whether it’s corporate revenue, personal income, intimacy, ecstasy, clothing, or simply that yummy dessert.

One way to keep our Hungry Ghost at bay is a checklist. I found this one to be very helpful.

Embracing the concept of “less is more” illustrated here can help us reduce accumulating more then we really use.