The Easy Email Setup

Trying to make better email habits? Force yourself by changing the way your email tools are setup. Here’s a quicklist of tips to get you started.

1) Hide any mailbox views if possible (Learn to only look at 1 folder at a time).

2) Stop using Flags, start using folders (This makes iPhone Email much, much better!)

4) Hide or customize any toolbars¬† (learn keyboard shortcuts, or most commands appear when you click reply). Look under the ‘View’ menu for options on your setup. Try right-clicking your toolbars to customize your setup.

5) Learn to search, not file (use the folders: Inbox, Action, Waiting for, and All Mail)

6) Delete, delete, delete (Turn off the Trash folder, instead having deleted messages go to 'All Mail’ or your Archive). Having 1 'Delete’ button to make mail go away is simply amazing.

Don’t use a email program? Try Minimalist Gmail, a firefox extension to hide the junk.