Think Team: 5 Tips for Better Delegating

Delegation can be a difficult skill to learn, but often your tasks cannot be accomplished by yourself. When breaking down your tasks into smaller chunks, often youʼll find that you need to ask someone else for something small to keep the task in motion.

Be a team player, make delegation easier by remembering these 5 tips:

  1. Ask someone for help. People cannot help unless they know there is a need. The first step is to ask!
  2. Match the task to the person. Any time a task is delegated, make sure the team member can actually accomplish it. The key to delegating is matching skills with work that needs to be done. If training is needed, will the time involved training pay off? If not, rethink who should be delegated the task.
  3. Write it down on your list. Delegation doesnʼt mean you are no longer responsible. It only means that the action is being done by someone else who has better skills / resources for the task. Take ownership of the task and donʼt fall into the “Delegate it and forget it” trap.
  4. Set a timeframe for completion. Never delegate without telling the person when you expect it to be completed. ASAP is a horrible phrase, as it could mean different things to each person. Use specific timeframes that both people agree on.
  5. Followup with a smile. Consider the fact that someone else just did something for you. That should make you happy, so donʼt be a jerk when you followup.

Small business relies on people – so keep an eye on your team and treat them with respect. Keep in mind, there is always someone else who is better than you in certain areas. Thatʼs the beauty of teamwork! The key is to hire talented people, treat them well, and make them a valuable part of your team.