Vision and Tenets

As the SpinWeb staff refines our Vision, this is a helpful reminder to balance wordy explanations with true intent.

The difference between truly standing for something and a mission statement - (37signals)

I’ve been wondering about this and refining some possible tenets (with inspiration from Behance and a few other great companies).

Due to my operations role in the organization, these focus on minimalism, clarity, and planning. Some of these might make it into the mix.


1 We make every effort to listen to, understand, and plan for the needs of the organizations that we serve. Your goals are important and should be respected.

2 We believe that organizations should not waste resources. They have a responsibility to create plans that are both actionable and clear, including thought-out goals.

3 We match proven tools to solid strategy, making sites that are as simple as needed to accomplish the goals of an organization.

4 Our web sites are clean in design, and straightforward in structure. Sites should be simple to maintain, useful for consumers, and actionable for all.

5 We avoid clutter and anything that distracts from the clear goals that have been set. Clutter will be eliminated from your site, as it distracts both the end-user and your organization.

6 We rely on strategy; planning ahead and focusing resources on a few clear goals just makes sense.

7 We teach methods that are simple and straightforward; with repetition our methods will lead to success for our clients.

8 Our designs are characterized by clarity and precision; we strive for clean, simple, design. Most websites are cluttered, complicated, and chaotic.

9 We have a bias towards action in everything we do. We don’t waste time, and we constantly scrutinize our work for practicality, simplicity, usefulness, and relevance.

10 We take great care in explaining our process and reason for our actions. Our process should be simple and easy to understand.

11 We value continuing relationships. A strategy doesn’t end when your project is complete - we provide answers throughout the process and beyond the completion of your project.

12 We see time, attention, and creative energy as resources that are most valuable. Therefore, we work in context; this means you may not reach us immediately - but when you do, you have our full attention.

13 Our pricing structure is straightforward and digestible so that you know what you’re paying for before any work is done, and we bill up front because we believe in our transparency and our work.