Why a Tablet?

I’ve had my ear to the ground for a quality tablet device for over 4 years. Here are a few thoughts to the role of a tablet device:

  1. It’s not a replacement. A tablet is not a full-blown computer. It won’t replace powerful desktops. It’s not meant to.
  2. The Multiple Screen Syndrome. Watching TV casually with my family means 2 Macs, a DVR, a cell phone & an iPhone. Considering that couch sitting laptop users have become the norm, there is opportunity to present a web / media device that fits into the room like a magazine or book would.
  3. Personalized Apps. Think of apps as specific tools to get what you need done. Bringing the focus of developers on very specific apps is always good. It’s capitalism at work. Just look at how many Twitter apps the iPhone has encouraged. You can find an app that works the way you do, making your device more personal than a “Personal Computer”.
  4. It Stops Working. What if a tablet is not meant as a work device? Instead, its focused on consuming. On a bus, in a car, on the couch. Do you really need to multitask on the go?
  5. More Content, Less Ads. Using Facebook on the iPhone makes it refreshing to read, comment, and interact with your friends without the annoying friend suggestions & ads. Instead the focus is on the content.
  6. Sense of Touch. Removing the keyboard and mouse barrier makes the device and content feel more like an extension of yourself.
  7. Sync Versus Create. What if the goal is to remove extra gadgets. Especially gadgets that create. Cameras? I’ve got 4 in my house. Instead of putting a mediocre one in the tablet, why not wirelessly sync with great devices I already own?