Why I untweeted

I get really into new things, so it’s easy to imagine how I got on the Twitter bandwagon.

But I’m also very analytical, so I took a look at how my tweets were affecting the rest of my life.

Here are my findings:

1) I’m an info-addict, always reading articles and looking for ways to improve. I was overchecking my Twitter feed hoping for juicy tips that I could bite into. There was enough fresh info to keep me checking back every few hours. But I was also consuming junk links / info along with the good stuff.

2) I was horrible for conversation. If something funny happened, I tweeted. Something boring? I tweeted. Anything at all? Tweeted. It’s hard to engage with live people when you are painstakingly crafting witty tweets (and hoping someone retweets your goodies).

All of this was extremly unsatisfying. I’ve re-realized that conversations (both digital and live) are much more satisfying than a stream of info. Like the difference between a watery dunkin’ donuts iced coffee and a strong fresh espresso.

What I did about it.

1) Uninstalled my iPhone twitter apps. I had habits to break, so I started where the biggest leak was (in my hand). They may come back eventually, just not now.

2) Wrote more blog posts. Even though “blogs are dead”, I need a creative outlet and Twitter wasn’t the total solution. Like painting a mural a few strokes at a time, Twitter wasn’t the right place for my writing style and voice.

3) Found a new hobby (It’s live People). Twitter wouldn’t make it on my hobby list, but I’m sure many tweeps spend more time tweeting than say, scrapbooking (or their self proclaimed hobby of choice).

I’m currently in the detox stage, so I’m not tackling the twitter feed issue. I check it via the web. This isn’t as friendly, so it keeps my reading in short bursts.

I could see a combo of following less people or filtering feeds via an app. For now, I’m starving off my need to read.