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Lantern helps nerds & engineers market with remarkable content & storytelling.

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Worried you’ll waste time and money on the wrong marketing?


Don’t get stuck in the process. We help experts and consultants create marketing systems that attract more and better clients.

Who we serve

We work with experts service firms, including:


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Business Advisors & Consultants


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Managed Service Providers (MSPs)


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Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)


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Enterprise Software & Technology

Follow the System. Get better marketing every 90 days.

At Lantern, we believe marketing shouldn’t be a guessing game. We use proven frameworks to build the system you need to improve your sales and marketing.

Create an effective marketing plan

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At Lantern, we’ll partner with you to create a customized StoryBrand website and content marketing strategy that works.

When it comes to implementing your new strategy, our team of professionals can also handle the full execution of your plan.

Our goal is to take what was once confusing, overwhelming, and ineffective (your old marketing strategy) and make it clear, focused, and fun! When you’re confident in your content marketing strategy, it shows.

Build & optimize your systems

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Some marketing strategies attract hundreds of leads…. Just not the right leads. At Lantern, we help you clarify your message so your content attracts your ideal customer. And when you can focus on your ideal customer, your audience shares the message.

Working with us means:

  • No more wasted time on content that will be ignored
  • No more useless email addresses clogging your subscription list
  • A StoryBrand website that actually communicates your service and value
  • A long-term content plan you can believe in

Let’s develop a marketing plan and strategy that will get your business noticed by the right people.

Add expert marketers to your team

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You may think hiring a marketing agency is too expensive. That you’ll save more money by handling your content marketing in-house. But what’s more expensive is missing out on hundreds of new leads by relying on empty advertising.

When you have a StoryBrand website that works (and looks great!) you can quickly turn visitors into customers. When your sales funnel converts prospects to clients, your sales team can focus on retention and upselling.

When your content marketing strategy actually works, your business gets noticed by your ideal customers.

When you work with Lantern, you can stop wasting time and money on marketing that doesn’t work, and get back to actually focusing on your business.

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Lantern is a StoryBrand agency based in Indianapolis.

We’ve helped hundreds of engineers, B2B consultants, and service providers improve their marketing and message.

You’re an expert in what you do. We’re experts at simple and effective marketing that helps the right clients find you.


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We’ll help you focus your content and build a long-term marketing plan that works.


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Get noticed and grow! We can’t wait to celebrate the milestones with you.

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Lantern is a StoryBrand marketing agency, serving B2B service providers, experts and consultants.

“We’ve made more progress in our company’s growth in the last 2 months than we have in years.”


Owner, New Coast Media

“Lantern wrote simple, clear copy that saved us time. The process was easy and seamless. I couldn’t ask for a better team!”


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